GMI Celebrates The Long Night of Research

The Future of Biology on View at the Austrian Academy of Sciences

As part of a nationwide event to promote science to the public, on the 20th of May, live plant models made an appearance at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW). The Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology (GMI) organized showcases and presentations as one of over 280 exhibition participants across Austria. Visitors met the scientists behind GMI, who use various experimental systems to make discoveries about basic life processes. 

GMI stands in the tradition of Gregor Mendel, but its researchers carry his legacy into the future. Participants learned about the use of plants (Arabidopsis and Marchantia) as model organisms in the pursuit of making basic discoveries in biology. They also learned about the value of quantitative biology and statistics. Researchers treated visitors to an immersive experience: they conducted a cross-breeding experiment, predicted plant characteristics using a Punnett square, extracted plant embryos, and filmed spores with smartphones.

If you missed the event, you still have a chance to participate in the Gregor Mendel quiz and the pea giveaway. Details are on GMI’s Gregor Mendel Anniversary Website.

Participating Researchers