28th REVES Meeting:

Determinants of Unusual and Differential Health Expectancy

8-10 June 2016 in Vienna, Austria

This scientific meeting aims at developing a comprehensive picture of the factors decisive for human health and longevity. Papers will identify the key drivers of longer and healthier lives by explaining variations in various dimensions of health and in mortality. This includes the analysis of hitherto unexplained phenomena and paradoxes of health and longevity, among them the causes underlying unusual health and mortality patterns of subpopulations with specific, health and longevity-relevant characteristics, the factors determining differentials in health and mortality between population subgroups, and changes in health and longevity over time.

Funding and sponsoring was provided by the Young Academy of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the City of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

If you have any questions regarding the conference, please direct them to mail(at)reves2016.at