To participate in all parts of the conference, you require the

Zoom Meeting client at least version 5.4.2!!!

Please note that zoom neither warns you about new client versions nor does it update by itself. Thus, if zoom is already installed on your computer it will very likely be a much older version. If you are in any doubt about the version, please first uninstall zoom, download the newest version – from:

and run the installation process.

You will not be able to participate in breakout sessions (a very new feature in zoom) which are used for the poster sessions without having the latest version of zoom installed to your device.



Registered participants have received a link and passcode for participation.
The link is valid for the whole conference.


Please set/change your name shown in Zoom (zoom display name) as follows:

Name FAMILYNAME (Affiliation, Country)

If you do not succeed in changing it before starting the session, then please change your name immediately after joining the meeting by selecting yourself in the participants list (you are always in the first line), clicking on “more” or some dots next to your name and choosing “rename” and then entering your name/affiliation as indicated above.



The different conference sessions (Keynotes, oral presentations and posters) will flow one after another, separated by breaks of about 15-30 minutes. Please find the conference agenda at here.

There will be no parallel sessions.

Microphones must be muted during the presentations. Please make sure to keep your microphone muted as long as you are not consciously using it for a giving a presentation or taking part in a discussion.

To ask questions, please use the function “Raise Hand” that is visible as an icon at the bottom of the participants list. As soon as you raise the hand you will be moved up in the participant list of all other users and queued in after others that have raised the hand before you did. However, you will always see yourself in the first place.



During the conference you have the possibility to access “breakout rooms”. Breakout rooms are sessions that are split off from the main Zoom meeting. They allow the participants to meet in smaller groups, and are completely isolated in terms of audio and video from the main session.

Breakout rooms will be used:

  • If you are a presenter, to test your presentation some minutes before your session starts (SERVICE FOR PRESENTERS A or B)
  • In the break between sessions, to meet your colleagues or to carry on the discussion of some papers (INFORMAL DISCUSSION ROOM 1-6)
  • During the poster sessions (see below)



At the beginning of the poster session you will be able to meet the posters’ authors by joining them in their own Breakout room (named after the presenter and the title of the poster). Please check in advance the posters on the website here.

Follow the Twitter poster session: @WiCVienna will retweet all WIC2020 Conference Twitter Posters with #WIC2020, mentioning @WiCVienna


Instructions for poster presenters:

Instructions for poster presenters:

Your poster is published online here. Conference participants will be able to read it before your poster sessions starts.

Poster sessions will take place in breakout rooms, named after the posters’ presenter and first characters of the title (see instructions regarding the breakout rooms in the general email). Please access your assigned breakout room as soon as they are opened by the host and 15 minutes before the start of the session at the latest (therefore at 13:15 CET for the first day and 12:45 CET for the second day). Please be available there for Q & A from interested participants and the poster jury during the complete time slot of your poster session (one hour). Your time slot can be found in the programme online.

This format for the poster session is rather novel. It is likely that some conference participants will approach you for a quick comment, a question, or to have a short summary of your results. Most likely they will want to visit other posters too, during the poster session and thus likely stay only for a limited time. Remember to be concise in your answers!

You (and/or your co-authors) will present your poster via screen sharing in the respective breakout room.

Presenting your poster:

You can present your poster by sharing the screen. To do this, please push the green button at the bottom of your zoom window.

You can then select which window or screen to share. We suggest to only share the program that you use for your presentation, usually Powerpoint or a PDF reader. It is preferable not to share the whole screen (it might accidentally show other programs, too).

Before sharing your screen, please close all windows that are not necessary for the poster session! This will make the screen sharing easier and reliable. At the same time, remember to have all additional material that you plan to/might want to show in addition to the poster open and ready to be shared. If you want to show some of the prepared material, simply move to the upper end of the screen and push the green button “New Share” and select a different window.

Please check in advance how to present your results in the best way. The figures and the text should be readable on the screen, either by zooming in your poster, or by creating a Powerpoint presentation with different slides for different figures/results of your poster. Please exercise with your programs beforehand.

While you are in the breakout room you can text chat with the visitors in addition to talking with them.


Please find instructions how to tweet your Twitter Poster here.