Also in 2018 the SMI presents insights on current research as well as experimental stations at the "Lange Nacht der Forschung" to a wide public audience. We are located in the big research tent at Heldenplatz, together with several other institutes of the ÖAW and other research organisations.

Why do we need the biggest machines of the world to search for the smallest parts in the universe?

The Stefan Meyer Institute for Subatomic Physics explains the invisible world of particles, not only for matter but also for antimatter. The presentation will show current experiments at the large colliders of the world, the symmetries between matter and antimatter or how the universe looked like briefly after the big bang in the so called quark-gluon plasma.

In a dark room with fog chamber cosmics are made visible like 100 years ago or light speed can be measured with scintillators used in modern detectors at colliders. Moreover the particles continuously falling on earth are detected by a so called Hodoskope.