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The Stefan Meyer Institute

The Stefan Meyer Institute (SMI) is devoted to basic research in the field of subatomic physics. Our research focuses on the study of fundamental symmetries and interactions, in particular:

Precision Experiments at low energies: antihydrogen studies at CERN-AD/CH (hyperfine spectroscopy testing CPT symmetry, ASACUSA collaboration, and measurement of the gravitational interaction of antimatter, AEgIS collaboration), search for violations of the Pauli principle with VIP@LNGS/IT, and precision measurements of the neutron decay with NoMoS@FRM-II/DE.

Hadron Physics: study of QCD in the non-perturbative regime. Experiments using light-quark systems (kaonic atoms and meson nucleon bound states at DAFNE/IT and J-PARC/JP, pionic and η’ bound states at RIKEN/JP and GSI/DE), systems containing heavy quarks (charmonium and other heavy hadrons with BELLE at KEKB/JP and PANDA at FAIR/DE), and di-electrons to study the Quark Gluon Plasma with ALICE at CERN/CH.

In the third focus Advanced Instrumentation we develop detectors as well as cryogenic and UHV systems needed to perform our experiments.