Mo, 21.03.2022 10:30

Technology Assessment in Central and Eastern Europe

Organised by the Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA), of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), Vienna, Austria in the framework of the globalTA network



Date: 21 March 2022, 10:30am-3pm

Technology assessment (TA) and related policy-oriented activities are on the rise globally. The TA landscape is well established and institutionalised in Western Europe. Member organizations include the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment (EPTA), originally a European and now increasingly global network of parliamentary TA units, the German-speaking Netzwerk Technikfolgen-Abschätzung (NTA) academic network, and the globalTA network. However, there is only scattered knowledge of such activities in Central and Eastern Europe. This conference will bring together speakers from eleven countries in this region, presenting TA's status quo and its broader perspectives. The aim is to expand the TA network of interested academics and other actors to promote TA activities, exchange experiences, and increase mutual learning. In this sense, this conference is a follow-up activity of the well-known EU PACITA project (2011-2015), related to the European Technology Assessment Conference (ETAC) series bringing together the TA community in a biannual rhythm, and part of the globalTA initiative aimed at enriching worldwide TA research and impact.



10:30-10:45       Welcome by globalTA (Julia Hahn) and ITA/ÖAW (Michael Nentwich)
                             Topic introduction (Tanja Sinozic)

10:45-12:00        Country presentations, part I (Chair: Leo Capari)

12:00-13:30        Individual lunch & online socialising (

13:30-14:50        Country presentations, part II (Chair: Titus Udrea)

14:50-15:00        Wrap-up, outlook (Michael Nentwich)




Bulgaria (Zoya Damianova)
Croatia (Jasminka Lažnjak and Jadranka Švarc)
Czech Republic (Lenka Hebáková)
Estonia (Robert Krimmer)
Hungary (Attila Havas)
Latvia (Anda Ādamsone-Fiskoviča and Emils Kilis)
Lithuania (Arminas Varanauskas)
Poland (Piotr Stankiewicz)
Romania (Mariana Chioncel)
Slovakia (Tomás Michalek)
Slovenia (Franc Mali, Maruška Nardoni, Anja Kolak)



Organised by the Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA), of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), Vienna, Austria in the framework of the globalTA network

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