Project partners

As part of our aim in expanding the field of Manuscript Studies and Digital Humanities, we are engaged in a number of research collaborations with different Institutions and colleagues.

Partner Institutions

ACDH-CH – Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage

Firdawsi University, Mashhad

Mongolia Cluster (University of Vienna)

Research collaboration

  • “A Digital Edition of the Kitāb-i Hakīm Jāmāsp”

    This project is a collaborative initiative to do research on the literary history of this little know medieval text. The project aims to produce a Digital Edition of different manuscript copies of the text, publish a printed edition of the original Persian text with an annotated English translation and the publication of an edited volume on different aspects of the historical, literary and codicological relevance of the text.

    Project in collaboration with:

    (ERC-2017-COG KITAB)
    Sarah Savant, Aga Khan University in London
    Stefan Kamola, Eastern Connecticut University
    Majid Montazermahdi, University of Exeter
    Shervin Farridnejad, Freie Universität Berlin and IFI, OEAW

  • “Sufi Manuscript Cultures c. 1200-1800”

    This is a joint initiative by:

    The Royal Society of Edinburgh
    Centre for Anatolian and the Eastern Mediterranean Studies, University of St. Andrews
    Institute of Iranian Studies, Austrian Academy of Sciences
    Department of History, Bogazici University
    The Islamic Manuscript Association