Nomads' Manuscripts Landscape

Investigating Literary Evidence for Transculturation in Medieval Iran and Central Asia in the 13th – 15th centuries.

About the Project


The rise of Chinggis Khan (d. 1227) and the expansion of the Mongol empire to western Eurasia in the 13th century dramatically changed the history […]

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Project Team

Research team Dr. Bruno De Leader, Institute of Iranian Studies (ÖAW). Dr. Hadel Fellow, Institute of Iranian Studies (ÖAW). Dr. Tanvir Research […]

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Bruno De Nicola. “Фустат ал-‘адала: уникальная рукопись о религиозном ландшафте средневековой Анатолии” Orientalistica 4:1 (2021), pp. 121-147. Bruno De Nicola. “Pādshāh Khātūn (1256-1295): an example […]

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