2nd Research and Innovation Session in the Alps (September–October, 2022)

In September the 2nd Research and Innovation Session (R&IS) of Highlands.3 took place in the Alps and was organised together with partners from Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Highlands.3 Mid-term meeting with the Project Officer. (Photo: Fernando Ruiz Peyré)

Within four weeks, the 36 participant researchers and practitioners from 17 countries visited different initiatives and had the chance to meet, exchange and present their research on sustainable development in mountain regions.

The 2nd Research and Innovation Session started in Innsbruck with the participation at the International Mountain Conference (IMC2022). The project Highlands.3 significantly contributed organising one keynote speaker, one Synthesis Workshop, 11 Focus Sessions and numerous presentations to diverse topics of sustainable development in mountain regions. During the conference, Highlands.3 participants had the chance to introduce their work and to exchange with others scientists.

During the three weeks after the conference, the participants visited different initiatives dealing with sustainable development in Austria, Italy, France and Slovenia. The variety of initiatives was very wide, covering up different fields of sustainable development and showing the natural, social and cultural diversity of the Alps.

Goal of the eight planned R&IS is to collect information from different kind experiences all over the world and to create an online platform about initiatives for sustainable development in mountain regions (ISDH). In the future, this platform will help decision makers, local actors, stakeholder, scientist, and students to select most relevant initiatives of their interest, to get in contact with them and to learn from each other’s experience. The next Session will take place in South America in early 2023.