Migration and integration reports are common practice in Europe. Great Britain published the first survey addressing the living conditions of members of ethnic minorities in 1966 and in Germany publishes a comprehensive report detailing the national situation, as well as reports that address the specific situation in the various German federal states.

Migration and Intergration Reports in Austria

The first Austrian Migration and integration Report was published in 2003. Since the founding of the KMI in 2004, the publication of reports relating to migration and integration has been one of the key tasks. The second Austrian Migration and Integration Report was published in 2007.

Since 2010 the KMI has been co-editor of the widely circulated migration & integration: zahlen.daten.indikatoren report which is printed in large numbers. Based on 25 integration indicators, Heinz Fassmann gives an overview of the subjective perspectives of integration.

The reports are only available in German.