Fourth Conference of Migration and Integration Research in Austria

12th - 13th September 2016

Main Building, University of Vienna


The Commission for Migration and Integration (KMI) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) and the Research Platform for Migration and Integration at the University of Vienna jointly held the third annual conference for migration and integration research on 22nd - 23rd September 2016 in Vienna, Austria.

The conference was aimed at researchers from the social sciences and humanities, law, medicine and psychology. The conference team had consciously decided against any disciplinary or thematic limitations in order to allow for the broadest possible insight into the field of research. As with previous conferences, the results of the conference was published in a yearbook in order to ensure that the efforts and research questions in the field of Austrian migration and integration research are regularly documented.

Keynote: The Syrian Humanitarian Crisis: Perceptions of Sustainability of Containment in the Region of Conflict


The peaceful protests in Syria early in this decade turned ugly in March of 2011. The speed with which Syria disintegrated into extreme violence and armed conflict between state security agencies, local peaceful demonstrators and non-state actors shocked the world; it also left the humanitarian aid regime in turmoil as agencies struggled to respond to the growing displacement crisis on Syria’s borders. This presentation   sets out to understand the perceptions of both Syria’s refugees as well as policy makers and practitioners, and the host community.  It seeks to understand the discrepancies between the perceptions and aspirations of each group in adequately addressing the protection needs of Syria’ s refugees in the context of a de facto policy of refugee  regional containment as well as  the non-binding nature of the neighbouring states’  obligations  to provide refuge.  

Prof. Dr. Dawn Chatty is a social anthropologist whose ethnographic interests lie in the Middle East, particularly with nomadic pastoral tribes and refugee young people. Her research interests include a number of forced migration and development issues such as conservation-induced displacement, tribal resettlement, modern technology and social change, gender and development and the impact of prolonged conflict on refugee young people.

Prof. Chatty is both an academic anthropologist and a practitioner, having carefully developed her career in universities in the United States, Lebanon, Syria and Oman, as well as with a number of development agencies such as the UNDP, UNICEF, FAO and IFAD. After taking her undergraduate degree with honours at UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles), she took a Master’s degree in Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies, the Hague, Netherlands. She returned to UCLA to take her PhD in Social Anthropology under the late Professor Hilda Kuper.


Jennie Carvill Schellenbacher, M.A., Commission for Migration and Integration Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Dr. Heinz Fassmann, Chairman of the Commission for Migration and Integration Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Mag. Dr. Julia Dahlvik, M.A., Coordinator for the Research Platform Migration and Integration, University of Vienna

Prof. Dr. Christoph Reinprecht, Insitute of Sociology, University of Vienna

Dr. Wiebke Sievers, Commission for Migration and Integration Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences