New article published: Flood Flow in a Proglacial Outwash Plain from Time-Lapse Imagery

Paraglacial transition zones in catchments with rapidly retreating glaciers and abundant sediments are key elements in high alpine river systems and promise to be revealing, yet challenging, areas of investigation for the quantification of current and future sediment transport.

The current glacier tongue (left) and outwash plains in the proglacial area of Jamtalferner. Photograph: Lea Hartl, 23.09.2021

In this study, Hiller et al. explored the potential of semi-automatic image analysis to detect the extent of the inundation area and corresponding inundation frequency in a proglacial outwash plain (Jamtal valley, Austria) from terrestrial time-lapse imagery. The new approach allows semi-automated monitoring of fundamental hydrological and hydraulic processes. Thederived inundation frequency maps provide novel insights into the evolution of the proglacial channel network in an environment caused by ice melt and heavy precipitation events.

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