The Austrian Academy of Sciences is the Austrian National Member Organization (NMO) of IIASA. It represents the interests of the Austrian scientific community in the IIASA Council and acts as a liaison between political decision-makers and the public. The organizational unit responsible for all matters concerning IIASA at the Austrian Academy of Sciences is the Austrian IIASA Committee.

It advises the Chair of the Committee, who represents the Austrian NMO at the IIASA Council, in all scientific and organizational matters concerning IIASA that are dealt with and resolved upon in the IIASA Council. These matters include, without being limited to, all issues related to the scientific work program of IIASA, basic IIASA institutional management matters and participation in IIASA research projects. It is also the task of the Austrian IIASA Committee to keep Austrian research institutions and researchers informed about the research activities at IIASA, to promote cooperation and to provide assistance with the use of IIASA infrastructure.

The Austrian IIASA Committee is incorporated into the overall Academy and consists of representatives of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, one representative each of the competent Federal Ministries, of the Austrian Universities relevant to IIASA research and of non-University research and research funding institutions.

Representatives of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (NMO)



Further representatives of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

NMO Secretary

Representatives of the Federal Government

  • Heribert Buchbauer (Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research)
  • Arnold Obermayr (Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs)
  • Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management - currently not nominated

Representatives of Austrian Universities

Representatives of Austrian non-university Research and Research Funding Institutions


    Recorded lectures held at committee meetings

    98th meeting of the IIASA committee (November 20, 2020)

    Piero VISCONTI (IIASA):  Why System Analysis, Ecology and Conservation need each other

    Piero Visconti is a Research Scholar with the Ecosystem Services and Management program (ESM) at IIASA and an honorary research fellow with the Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research, UCL, and the Institute of Zoology of the Zoological Society of London as well as an Academic Visitor with the University of Cambridge Conservation Science Group. He co-supervises PhD students at each of these institutions.