Research collaborations between IIASA and Austria have been highly productive throughout IIASA’s history. Since 2008, this cooperation has involved over 50 Austrian organizations and led to over a thousand scientific publications.

Recent joint studies have included an in-depth assessment of climate change in Austria, analyses of demographic change in Austria, investigations into the potential of biofuels in Austria, and development of innovative techniques to collect land use data. Underpinning the joint work is systems analysis—one of the few research tools with the breadth and depth to explore complex global problems and how they impact countries.

Many young Austrian scientists are profiting from IIASA’s capacity building activities in systems analysis. As IIASA’s host country, Austria also benefits from the arrival of considerable international scientific talent to IIASA, and a significant amount of scientific exchange through events, lectures, and visits in addition to joint projects between IIASA researchers and Austrian institutions. In turn IIASA greatly benefits from a wide range of Austrian support, including the buildings (Schloss Laxenburg and the GP Building) that house the institute.

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