Mon, 23.01.2023 9:00

ÖAW AI Winter School

The ÖAW AI Winter School 2023 focusses on AI-based natural language processing and its applications.

Natural language processing is an essential cornerstone of many digital humanities applications, ranging from taggers, named entity recognition and linking to relation extraction, text classification or vocabulary management.

Offering a mix between lectures and hands-on tutorials, the third installment of the ÖAW AI Winter School provides its participants with a topics like

* introduction to natural language processing,

* sentiment analysis, toxicity detection,

* differentiable programming,

* simulation based inference,

* generative models and unsupervised learning.


For an overview on the lectures and courses see


Next to the regular program, the Winter School also features a public Hackathon taking place Wednesday, 25 January 2023 18:00 - 21:00 where researchers can bring their own topics and machine learning ideas to discuss with participants and lecturers.

Please note that registration for the Winter School is already closed. Registration for the Hackathon will be oped in due time.




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Wolfgang Waltenberger (HEPHY)
Matej Durco (ACDH-CH)


23-27 January 2023, starting at 09:00


ÖAW Campus
Seminar room 1 + 2
Bäckerstraße 13
1010 Vienna