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Design Thinking for Multidisciplinary Humanities

In the third instalment of the "brainfood" event series, Franzesca Rizzo and Alessandro Deserti guide a workshop on design thinking for multidisciplinary humanities.

CC-BY-NC-SA Eveline Wandl-Vogt

brainfood. methods 2 inspire #1.2018

Conceived as a part of the "brainfood. methods 2 inspire" event series organised by the ACDH exploration space, the invitation-only, interactive workshop guided by Alessandro Deserti (Politecnico di Milano, Department of Design) and Francesca Rizzo (University Bologna, Department of Architecture) starts out with an introduction to Design Thinking and service design methods, and invites the diverse group of participants from all sectors to apply these methods, taking the first steps towards the joint creation of a "food lab".

The workshop, which is connected to the DARIAH grant 2016 “Public Humanities” and supported by the project exploreAT!, is part of the ACDH exploration space's ongoing effort to develop new methodological approaches and rethink the humanities from a human-centred perspective. Its aim is to bridge the gap between the humanities and challenge-based, social innovation in exploring the field of nutrition. The social innovation project “Nutrire Milano” may serve as a case study to stimulate and inspire the Vienna based project. The Design Thinking workshop aims to initiate the formation of a knowledge-for-development partnership and pursues sustainable development goals.



methods 2 inspire



20 March 2018 - 14:00 to 18:00


Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Wohllebengasse 12-14
Seminarraum, ground floor
1040 Vienna


Eveline Wandl-Vogt


Methods and Innovation

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