Kryštof Zeman

Research Group: Population Data and Projections

Phone: +43 1 51581 - 7724

E-Mail: krystof.zeman(at)

Selected Publications:

  • Sobotka T., Zeman K., Brzozowska Z., di Lego V., Potancokova M., Stonawski M., et al. (2022). European Demographic Datasheet 2022. Retrievedde
  • Čipin I., Zeman K. & Međimurec P. (2020). Cohort Fertility, Parity Progression, and Family Size in Former Yugoslav Countries. Comparative Population Studies, 45, 229-264.
  • Sobotka T. & Zeman K. (2020). European Demographic Datasheet 2020. Retrievedde
  • Van Bavel J., Martin Klesment, Eva Beaujouan, Zuzanna Brzozowska, Allan Puur, David Reher, et al. (2018). Seeding the gender revolution: Women’s education and cohort fertility among the baby boom generations. Population Studies, 72, 283-304.
  • Zeman K., Beaujouan E., Brzozowska Z. & Sobotka T. (2018). Cohort fertility decline in low fertility countries: Decomposition using parity progression ratios. Demographic Research, 38, 651–690.
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Research Areas

Areas of Expertise

  • Demography of central and eastern Europe
  • Timing and Sequencing of Family Formation Process
  • Fertility Data