The BRGÖ – Beiträge zur Rechtsgeschichte Österreichs (Contributions to Austrian Legal History) are dealing with all parts of legal history (constitutional history, history of administrative, private, criminal and procedural law, history of jurisprudence, ...) from the Middle Ages up to our times.

The term “Austria” has seen a number of changes in the past. It once referred to a small march on the Danube and became the name of a dynasty in whose empire "the sun never set" (Schiller, Don Carlos I, 6). For a little more than 100 years, it has been the name of the republic as we know it today, but within this time, there has been a tragic interruption in the Nazi era. Therefore, a legal history of “Austria” can be understood in many ways. Contributions to the legal history of Bohemia or Hungary are welcome as well as to other territories which belonged to Austria in the past. Also, the legal history of bigger entities – from the Holy Roman Empire to the European Union – are important parts of the legal history of Austria.

As a rule, one of the two volumes of a year contains the papers of a conference organized by the KRGÖ in the year before, with invited authors and the conference organizers as guest editors. The other volume contains miscellaneous contributions. Everyone, who is interested in Austrian legal history, as described above, is invited to submit papers for publication in the BRGÖ – jurists, historians or scholars form other disciplines. A peer review is obligatory for all papers.

Deadline for the volume with miscellaneous contributions is 1 September, the volume will be published on 1 June of the following year in print as well as online (with delayed open access). No article processing charges are needed, except of the case that immediate open access is necessary.

The length of the contribution should not exceed 40,000 characters, exceptions are possible in special cases. Please note our Information for Authors and Style Guide as well as our Publication ethics.

Please send your contribution to:

christoph.schmetterer(at) or thomas.olechowski(at)