IMBA signals solidarity with Ukraine

IMBA backs the support program of the Austrian Academy of Sciences for Ukrainian researchers in Austria and reminds of IMBA’s values of inclusion, mutual respect, and support.

The current war in Ukraine has far reaching repercussions and is bound to be a major setback for Ukrainian science and research.

In solidarity with Ukrainian researchers, IMBA’s parent organization, the Austrian Academy of Sciences, has extended its exchange program “Joint Excellence in Science and Humanities” to offer Ukrainian researchers new research stay opportunities in Austria.

IMBA backs the Academy’s support program and solidarizes with the Ukrainian people, who are bravely defending their nation’s right for existence and independence.

Addressing all researchers and coworkers at IMBA, Scientific Director Jürgen Knoblich underlined IMBA’s values of inclusion, mutual respect, and support. “Our institute is an inclusive environment that supports everyone’s right to a free and safe life. Within our institute there are many talents from Ukraine and Russia. We can only imagine what it must feel like for you to watch powerlessly, as your home countries are at a devastating war that you do not support. We are very sorry for the reality that you are faced with. Our thoughts are with you, your families, and your friends.

Knoblich, who is also Professor of Synthetic Biology at the Medical University of Vienna, once again highlighted the existing structures of support, health, and wellbeing at IMBA and at the Vienna BioCenter. Further, Prof. Knoblich assured that IMBA will handle any visa issues and stay extensions for coworkers from the affected countries with highest priority.

Prof. Knoblich concluded with: “Despite the devastating news, I am confident that in the end, peace will prevail."