Thursday, 12th of May, 2022

8.00-9.00  Registration

9.00-9.30  Welcome Remarks

1st Session- Cell and Developmental Biology / From cells to organisms
Chair: Liam Dolan

09.30-09.55     Tonni Grube Andersen, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Germany
                           The endodermal passage cell -Just another brick in the wall?

09.55-10.15     Margot Smit, Stanford University, USA
                           Stomatal pre-patterning in the embryo occurs gradually and is required for post-embryonic stomatal development

10.15-10.40     Claire McWhite, Princeton University, USA
                          The language of proteins, and how we can use it to learn about plant protein function, structure, and evolution

10.40-11.00     Yan Ma, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
                          Mind the gaps: Secrets of signalling specificity

11.00-11.30     Coffee Break

11.30-13:00     Poster Session 1

13:00 – 14:00   Lunch 

2nd Session- Gene Regulation
Chair: Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid

14.00-14.25     Michelle Stitzer, Cornell University, USA
                          The evolutionary impact of the genomic ecosystem of transposable elements in maize.

14.25-14.45     Anna Vargova, CEITEC Masaryk University, Czech Republic
                            Diploid to haploid transition in Arabidopsis is driven by P-body mediated inhibition of translation

14.45-15.10     Sara Lopez-Gomollon, University of Cambridge, UK
                          sRNAs and genomic shock in tomato hybrids

15.10-15.30     Thanvi Srikant, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
                          Profound variation in epigenetic plasticity in natural Arabidopsis accessions

15.30-16.00     Coffee Break  

16.00-17.00     Keynote lecture I
                          introduction by Yoav Voichek

                          Maarten Koornneef, Wageningen University Research, Netherlands
                          Mendel and the study of Arabidopsis natural variation

17.00-18.30    Reception

18.30                Early Career Researcher Discussion Forum


Friday, 13th of May, 2022

3rd Session- Stress Responses
Chair: Arturo Marí-Ordóñez

09.30-09.55     Marco Incarbone, Gregor Mendel Institute, Austria
                          A hormone-activated mobile RNAi mechanism defends plant stem cells from virus invasion

09.55-10.15     Maximilian Schwihla, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria
                          TOL proteins fine-tune the ABA signaling pathway during abiotic stress

10.15-10.40     Mauricio Contreras, The Sainsbury Laboratory, UK
                          Biochemical basis of activation of an NLR immune receptor network

10.40-11.00     Sebastian Samwald, John Innes Centre, UK
                          Nanodomain proteins enable sorting of plasma membrane receptors to facilitate plasmodesmal responses to pathogens

11.00-11.30     Coffee Break

11.30-13:00     Poster session 2          

13:00-14:00     Lunch

4th Session- Evolutionary Biology
Chair: Silvia Ramundo

14.00-14.25     Jan de Vries, Georg-August-University Goettingen, Germany
                          Streptophyte algae and genomic insights into the plant terrestrialization toolkit

14.25-14.45     Vicky Spencer, University of Bristol, UK
                          Redeployment of ancestral branching mechanisms in the evolution of lycophyte architecture

14.45-15.10     Hajk-Georg Drost, Max Planck Institute for Biology, Germany
                          How transcriptome switches constrain multicellular organization across the tree of life?

15.10-15.30     Samed Delic, Duke University, USA
                          Green algal septin associates with evolutionarily related components of the chloroplast translocon

15.30-16.00     Coffee Break

16.00-17.00     Keynote lecture II
                          introduction by Marion Clavel

                          Beronda Montgomery, Michigan State University, USA
                          Lessons from Plants: Insights for Human Thriving

17.00-17.15     Closing remarks         

17.45                Sightseeing (optional)

19.30                Conference dinner (optional)
                          'Gigerl, der Stadtheurige'
                          Rauhensteingasse 3/Blumenstockgasse
                          1010 Vienna