MENDEL High Performance Computing Cluster launched

The Gregor Mendel Institute`s new state-of-the-art High Performance Computing Cluster MENDEL was officially launched today.

This highly-scalable High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster is the Institute`s answer to the enormous and exponentially increasing quantities of data scientific methods today produce, which need to be stored and efficiently processed to provide valuable new insights. MENDEL, named after Gregor Mendel, the Silesian scientist and Augustinian monk considered the founder of the science of genetics, provides a modular system of storage and processing which is available to researchers at the Gregor Mendel Institute, as well (on a fee basis) to neighboring institutes on the Vienna Biocenter in the St. Marx area of Vienna.

The new Cluster contains up to 10,000 compute cores connected via a highspeed network that transports the enormous quantities of data to be analysed; the cores then generate scientifically important results using modern algorithmic methods. MENDEL is particularly adapted to molecular biology research, which, in comparison to physical or meteorological research, is very heavy on data quantities and relatively light on algorithmic sophistication.