Österreichisches Haftpflichtrecht

With the new edition of the first volume of Österreichisches Haftpflichtrecht, authored by Helmut Koziol, the entire three-volume work is now available in a current, fully revised edition. The third volume, which focuses on strict and product liability, as well as liability for permitted interferences, was published in 2014. The second volume, on liability for one’s own misconduct and the misconduct of others, was published in 2018. The now published first volume deals with the general part of the law of damages. Together, the three volumes of ‘Haftpflichtrecht’ are regarded as one of the most comprehensive and widely used works on Austrian tort law. The new edition of the first volume again takes account of current trends in case law, legislation, and legal literature. It thus allows for an in-depth analysis of tort law in Austria and its future development. Furthermore, the structure of the fourth edition of the first volume follows that employed for the other two volumes, which will provide the reader with a yet more structured and comprehensible presentation of Austrian tort law.


Österreichisches Haftpflichtrecht Band 1
by Helmut Koziol
Jan Sramek Verlag, Wien
Softcover. ISBN 978-3-7097-0225-3
4th Edition 2020, 1002 pp

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