Mon, 24.06.2019 11:00

Juristenrunde with Maciej Kochanowski

Maciej Kochanowski, PhD Canditate at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland, presents parts of his thesis on 'Foreseeability of damage according to Article 74 CISG' in a Juristenrunde on 24 June 2019.

The presentation focuses on the foreseeability of damage requirement according to Article 74 CISG. Maciej Kochanowski will give a brief explanation of the evolution of the foreseeability concept in various legal systems. Moreover, a short comparison of the foreseeability rule under CISG with foreseeability rules in other legal systems will be presented. Further, it will be discussed why the limitation of the liability may be needed and potential problems of the application of the foreseeability rule in CISG will be highlighted. The presentation concludes with a proposal for a structure of examination of the foreseeability of damage according to Article 74 CISG.

The event takes place in the Institute's premises and is free of charge.