The Phonogrammarchiv builds up and expands its holdings mainly by drawing on two sources: recordings made by field researchers who received methodological and technical support and were lent recording equipment by the Phonogrammarchiv; and recordings resulting from fieldwork conducted by its staff. Recordings made by supported researchers are not only deposited in the Phonogrammarchiv, but are also annotated by the researchers together with specialized Phonogrammarchiv staff. Since 1990, the Phonogrammarchiv has also been taking over collections assembled by Austrian scholars that did not result from cooperation with the Phonogrammarchiv, but include sufficient descriptive data to make them significant source materials, so that their preservation (including the digitization of analogue recordings), archiving, and availability to the scientific community is imperative.

The Phonogrammarchiv supports third-party research projects by first-hand advice and training, the loan of recording equipment and the archiving/long-term preservation of the resultant recordings. This is to ensure the further development of scientific phonography and videography: to provide adequate recording technology customized for the specific research purpose.

If you wish to apply for such support, please complete the application form:

Application form

Please also read carefully the explanation of the legal framework:

Legal framework

Please note that application forms for support by the Phonogrammarchiv will be processed in the order of their arrival, and that a timely submission (i.e. at least four weeks prior to your departure) is imperative. Especially during University holidays, which are often used for field research, audio and video equipment is in great demand. We therefore advise you to make the application procedure part of the overall planning of your intended research, since only a timely application will guarantee availability of the equipment for the period desired. All recording equipment has been carefully selected and is constantly serviced and kept to optimal technical standards.

We would also like to draw your attention to the following passage in section 2.6 of the Austrian Science Fund’s “Application Guidelines for Stand-Alone Projects”:  When planning project budgets, please observe the FWF's Open Access Policy, including Section VI, “Open Research Data”. This means that it is necessary to allocate the necessary funds over the project’s duration to ensure the preparation, archiving, open access and later use of research data in repositories (depending on the research field).