When artificial intelligence is working for us

Can Artificial Intelligence become a socially accepted part of the workforce? ITA researchers Johann Čas and Jaro Krieger-Lamina shed light on this question in a new ITA Dossier.

AI is making progress: Machine learning and processing power are improving rapidly, and digitalisation is making more data available to us. The results of search engines, product recommendations on the internet, but also lending are already AI-supported processes. AI technologies will also reshape the global workforce. But to use technical progress to the advantage of human and social development needs adequate conditions.

Johann Čas and Jaro Krieger-Lamina, researchers at the Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, were part of the international project "When algorithms decide for us: Opportunities and Risks of Artificial Intelligence", which examined the necessary steps for a social embedding of this development. They have published the main results of this EU-wide effort in the new ITA Dossier "When AI is working for us".