The „Go Nano“-project in 90 seconds – Governing nanotechnologies through societal engagement

Nanotechnologies, the purposeful engineering of matter on the atomic or molecular scale, have raised great expectations in recent years and have opened up new research opportunities in fields as diverse as energy, healthcare, electronics, food and construction. At the same time, concerns have been raised about possible unintended consequences of the use of nanomaterials. Nanotechnologies and the opportunities they offer are still largely unknown to society.

The EU-funded GoNano project therefore aims to enable collaboration between citizens, researchers, industry, civil society organisations and policy makers across Europe to reconcile future nanotechnologies with the needs and concerns of society. The final online conference is taking place from 29 October to 12 November.

This video shows the range of events, workshops and ideas that have taken place in recent years and provides forecasts for the future.