6 years of ITA nano research: At the NanoTrust Conference on 4 June, the German risk management expert Astrid Epp will assess challenges regarding the regulation of nanotechnologies.

Astrid Epp will be a guest at the TA13 on June 3, as well as at the NanoTrust meeting on June 4.

The ITA project NanoTrust analyses questions regarding safety and dangers of nanotechnologies. At the meeting on June 4, experts from Germany and Austria will discuss current developments. 

To prevent possible risk and to provide information, the ITA is publishing the NanoTrust Dossiers. It also helped launch the information portal nanoinformation.at. "The Austrian government's Nano Action Plan is a measure according to the precautionary principle, which is crucial when dealing with new technologies", stresses ITA expert and co-organizer André Gazsó.

Among the guests are Bernd Nowack (EMPA Switzerland), the toxicologist Mats-Olaf Mattsson, and the journalist and book author Niels Boeing. Nowack will analyise possible environmental risks of nanotechnologies, Mattsson will focus on regulatory challenges. Niels Boeing will dedicate his talk to the problem of acurate news coverage when dealing with new technologies.

The conference will be held in German, all conference materials are in German. However, our topic and project pages about nanotechnology are available in English.


Denise Riedlinger