Monitoring the future – parliament receives new ITA report

Digital identity, reading in the 21st century, digital money, aging research - a total of ten new topics are available in depth as well as accessible infographics.

The Austrian Parliament has been receiving external scientific support in the area of foresight and technology assessment since mid-2017. The biannual monitoring reports provide information on socio-technical developments and trends. The reports are prepared by the Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology.

The November 2021 monitoring report now contains 130 future topics. Ten topics were newly included in this report, find them explained here again as infographics in a clear and brief way. Included are questions such as how a digital identity for all citizens could be realized in conformity with privacy principles, what prospects the digital euro planned by the European Central Bank would bring, what progress has been made on the path to longer life and what that could mean for our society, and whether we are losing the ability for deep reading and thus for deeper understanding.

In addition, there are updates on such topics as AI in Healthcare, European Resilience in Times of Crisis, Epigenetic Therapeutic Approaches, and From +Energy to ++Energy: On the Future of Building.

The infographics produced by the ITA have an additional advantage: they are e-accessible. Each graphic element is accompanied by a descriptive text. This means that image-reading devices or Braille lines for visually impaired people can also output the information.