Monitoring the future — ­Parliament receives latest ITA report

Resistance to antibiotics, artificial snow, AI diplomacy — the ITA analyses which future topics are important for Austria in a current monitoring report for the Austrian Parliament.

Can public participation raise awareness for the big issues of our time? What are the best ways out of phenomena like persistent pollutants or resistance to antibiotics? Is green financing really green, or does it only serve fiscal advantages? And how do we deal with artificial intelligence assisting us in European diplomacy, for example through speech and text analytics?

The new monitoring report by the parliamentary working group ITA — Institute of Technology Assessment of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and AIT Austrian Institute of Technology sheds light on these and other essential questions. The May 2022 monitoring report contains these new ITA topics.

  1. pathways out of antibiotic resistance
  2. persistent pollutants
  3. AI diplomacy
  4. digital health applications
  5. synthetic data

Since mid-2017, Parliament has already been receiving external scientific support in the area of foresight and technology assessment. The biannual monitoring reports provide scientifically sound information on technological developments and trends.