Mobile phone location data as a gold mine

Study on the use of Traffic Data by Mobile Network Operators" published

(Foto: ITA)
Walter Peissl präsentierte die Kurzstudie in der heutigen Pressekonferenz in der Arbeiterkammer Wien (Foto: ITA)

Our mobile phone enables us to track our movement profiles. In addition, the network operators can locate us almost precisely. Science and trade benefit from this. Walter Peissl from ITA was commissioned by the Vienna Chamber of Labour to look at which data is personal or anonymous and what the so-called "pseudonymisation" entails.

At the press conference on 22 November, the author of the study explained which conclusions can be drawn from the digital traces.


Study (pdf): Nutzung von Verkehrsdaten durch Mobilfunkbetreiber

Interview with Walter Peissl on the study:  Interview (German language)

Further Information:  ITA project website

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