Urban Agencies & Movement and Mobility II

Volume 14 of our open access e-journal Medieval Worlds is online.

Civic centres are in the limelight in our first collection of articles on Urban Agencies, which was compiled in a collaboration between the Wittgenstein Prize project Moving Byzantium: Mobility, Microstructures, and Personal Agency and the Institute of Iranian Studies.

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The contributions explore the role of cities as political and economic hubs and their negotiations of power and autonomy in 13th- and 14th-century Caucasus, Anatolia and the Aegean. For an overview of the contents, see the  introduction by guest editors Bruno De Nicola and Matthew Kinloch.

The medieval Mediterranean in general and the Movement and Mobility of the people in it is examined in additional studies to our engaging  strand of volume 13. Our individual articles offer two riveting contributions to ancient and early medieval verse riddles in different languages and provide us at the same time with fascinating insights into the dynamic relationship between humans and plants.  Submissionsfor our upcoming volumes are always welcome.


medieval worlds 14

Preface – Urban Agencies