Mon, 23.05.2022 – 24.05.2022

Margins at the Centre — Practices of Annotation

International Conference | hybrid event


Margins at the Centre — Practices of Annotation

Scholarly Networks, Teachers and Audiences in Ninth-Century East Francia




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MONDAY, 23 May


Welcoming address
Claudia Rapp
Maximilian Diesenberger
Cinzia Grifoni


Session 1: Momentous Experiments

Chair: Cinzia Grifoni

Uta Heil
Between Research Guide and Meditation Book. The Complex Issue of the Greek Catenae Literature

Rossana Guglielmetti | Zoom
Esperimenti di mise en page: il caso del commento al Cantico dei Cantici di Alcuino

Chiara Staiti
in unsera zungun: Intention und Publikum bei volkssprachigen Autoren der Karolingerzeit




Session 2: East Frankish Teachers and Their Audiences

Chair: Carine van Rhijn

Roberto Gamberini
Masters and Readers: The First Circulation and the Earliest Reworkings of Rabanus Maurus's Commentaries in the Kingdom of the East Franks

Vera Fravventura | Zoom
Tracce di discorso politico nel De rerum naturis di Rabano Mauro?

Richard Corradini | Zoom
Walahfrid Strabo’s Handbook ‒ a Tool for Learning and Teaching




Session 3: The Spread and Study of Priscian’s Grammar.

Chair: Pádraic Moran

Ilaria Morresi and Chiara Rosso
Manuscripts of Priscian’s Ars in Ninth-Century East Francia: a Philological and Palaeographic Survey

Franck Cinato | Zoom
Itinerarium glossarum: The Influence of Glosses on Priscian from Auxerre to Cologne

Bernhard Bauer
Tell Me What You See: Automatic Detection of Parallel Glosses




Session 4: Glosses on Priscian’s Grammar: Features and Functions

Chair: Bernhard Bauer

Elena Spangenberg Yanes
Citations in the Glosses on Priscian’s Ninth-Century Manuscripts

Pádraic Moran

Classical Fragments: Glossing Citations from Classical Literature in the St Gall Priscian

Cinzia Grifoni and Thomas Klampfl
The Wissembourg Priscian Glosses: Towards a Digital Edition


Dinner for invited guests






Session 1: Dealing with the Bible: Liturgy, Exegesis and Pastoral Care

Chair: Astrid Breith

Patrizia Carmassi | withdrawn!
Welche Exegese? Erhaltene und verlorene liturgische Handschriften aus dem Kloster Weißenburg

Carine van Rhijn
Teaching Priests in the East

Lucia Castaldi
The Glosses on the Gospel of Matthew in Würzburg, Universitätsbibliothek, Their relationship with Aileran the Wise and Sedulius Scottus




Session 2: The Study of the Bible: Methods and Aims

Chair: Cinzia Grifoni

Gaëlle Bosseman | Zoom
How did Scholars Study the Apocalypse in the Ninth Century?

Sinéad O’Sullivan | Zoom
The St. Gall Psalter Gloss: From St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Csg 27 to the Eberhard Psalter

Astrid Breith
Göttweig, Codex 30 (rot) / 2 (schwarz) and Munich, Clm 29315/3: Two Psalters for Representative Use?




Session 3: Multilingual Approaches to Latin and the Bible

Chair: Pavlína Rychterová

Stephan Müller
Intellektuelle Perfomanz. Was tut man mit dem Althochdeutschen zwischen und neben lateinischen Zeilen?

Elke Krotz
Funktion und Zielpublikum zweisprachiger Glossare

Victoria Krivoshchekova
Intellectual Networks in Ninth-Century Alemannia: Irish and East Frankish Grammarians on the Latin Alphabet

15:00- 15:30

Concluding remarks and discussion




Cinzia Grifoni

Organised in the framework of the project “Margins at the Centre: Book Production and Practices of Annotation in the East Frankish Realm”, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF no. V811-G)


Bernhard Bauer | University of Graz

Gaëlle Bosseman | École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris

Astrid Breith | Austrian Academy of Sciences

Patrizia Carmassi | Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel

Lucia Castaldi | University of Udine

Franck Cinato | French National Centre for Scientific Research – CNRS, Paris

Richard Corradini | Austrian Academy of Sciences

Maximilian Diesenberger | Austrian Academy of Sciences

Vera Fravventura | University of Salerno

Roberto Gamberini | University of Cassino

Cinzia Grifoni | Austrian Academy of Sciences

Rossana E. Guglielmetti | University of Milano Statale

Uta Heil | University of Vienna

Thomas Klampfl | Austrian Academy of Sciences

Victoria Krivoshchekova | University of Maynooth

Elke Krotz | University of Vienna

Pádraic Moran | National University of Ireland, Galway

Ilaria Morresi | University of Roma Sapienza

Stephan Müller | University of Vienna

Sinéad O’Sullivan | University of Belfast

Claudia Rapp | Austrian Academy of Sciences/University of Vienna

Chiara Rosso | University of Roma Sapienza

Pavlína Rychterová | Austrian Academy of Sciences

Elena Spangenberg Yanes | University of Roma Sapienza

Chiara Staiti | University of L’Aquila

Carine van Rhijn | University of Utrecht