The Commission for Geosciences is an interdisciplinary platform to encourage exchange and cooperation for Austrian research in the varied fields of geosciences. The wide-ranging expertise of the commission’s members covers the scientific domains of geology, mineralogy, stratigraphy, sedimentology, petrology, petroleum geology, hydrology, paleontology, quaternary geology, geo- and cosmochemistry, impact research and planetary geology, geophysics, geodynamics, geomorphology, ecosystem research und paleoclimatology.

In times of dramatic environmental changes, the geosciences are requested to contribute to problem-solving in collaboration with other scientific disciplines. The expected global warming, related to the climate change, and the resulting rise in natural hazards as well as the increasing shortage of resources and rapidly growing urbanization imply socio-economic challenges of incalculable consequences, requiring enhanced involvement of the geosciences to be managed.

According to the demands of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the concept, submitted for the foundation, the main focus of the Commission for Geosciences lays on coordination of the scientific transdisciplinary exchange and enhancement of the research-cooperations. Another important aim is the communication of scientific knowledge to the public and discussion on current sociopolitical topics related to the field of geosciences by organizing public lectures and other events, participating in international geoscientific conferences and supporting specific publications.

Tasks and Topics