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Topic of the Month 04/2009 "Geosciences"


The Earth yesterday – today – tomorrow

Hans P. Schönlaub, Head of the Center for Geosciences of the ÖAW, identifies in his talk with Martina Gröschl substantial issues in geosciences, such as climate change, raw material and energy resources, natural disasters as well as the origin of life.


Geosciences - What for?

In his comment "Zur Sache" Christian Köberl, Director General of the Natural History Museum Vienna, Head of the Department of Lithospheric Research at the University of Vienna and Head of the Center for Geosciences of the ÖAW, highlights the importance of geosciences.

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The Future of Austrian Glaciers

Michael Kuhn
Chairman of the Commission of Geophysical Research of the ÖAW
Head of the Institute for Meteorology and Geophysics, University of Innsbruck


Ensuring long-term Raw Materials Supply

Leopold Weber
Vize-Chairman of the Commission for Basic Research on Mineral Raw Materials of the ÖAW
Head of the Dept. for Raw and Basic Material Policy of the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth of the Republic of Austria


Glacial Climate Fluctuations

Gernot Rabeder
Chairman of the Commission of Quaternary Research of the ÖAW
Institute of Palaeontology, University of Vienna


Documents from the Past

Werner Piller
Chairman of the Commission for the Paleontological & Stratigraphical Research of Austria
Head of the Section Geology and Palaeontology, Institute for Earth Sciences,
University of Graz

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