Gustav Feichtinger

Research Group: Economic Demography

Phone: +43 1 51581 - 7705

E-Mail: gustav.feichtinger(at)

Selected Publications:

  • Feichtinger G., Grass D., Kort P. M. & Seidl A. (2021). On the Matthew effect in research careers. Journal Of Economic Dynamics And Control, 123, 104058.
  • Caulkins J., Grass D., Feichtinger G., Hartl R., Kort P. M., Prskawetz A., et al. (2020). How Long Should the COVID-19 Lockdown Continue?. Plos One, 15, e0243413.
  • Feichtinger G., Grass D. & Winkler-Dworak M. (2020). The mathematics of ageing: Linking demography and operations research to study the greying of academia. Central European Journal Of Operations Research, 28, 371–399.

Areas of Expertise

  • Mathematical Demography
  • Modelling 'deviant' behaviour (corruption, illicit drugs, terrorism etc.)