Biologiske skrifter / udg. af det Kgl. Danske Videnskabernes Selskab

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Place / Publishing House:København : Munksgaard [in Komm.], 1939-2010
Publication history:1.1939/41 - 58.2010
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Flora of the Sudan-Uganda border area east of the Nile / by Ib Friis and Kaj Vollesen ...
Taxodiaceous conifers from the Upper Cretaceous of Sweden / by Vijayalakshmi Srinivasan ; Else Marie Friis 1989 35
Silvianthemum suecicum gen. et sp. nov., a new saxifragalean flower from the Late Cretaceous of Sweden / by Else Marie Friis 1990 36
Autism, intelligence and consciousness / by Rodney M. J. Cotterill 1994 45
Comparative ethnobotanical studies of the Amerindian groups in Coastal Ecuador / by Anders S. Barfod and Lars Peter Kvist 1996 46
Protologues in seed catalogues from Botanic Garden Copenhagen : 1843 - 1875 / by Bertel Hansen, Kai Larsen & Sven-Erik Sandermann Olsen 1997 47
Phylogeny and classification of the staphyliniform beetle families (Coleoptera) / by Michael Hansen 1997 48
In search of a new biomembrane model : an international symposium ; The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, August 13 - 16, 1997 / ed. by Ole G. Mouritsen ... 1998 49
Water striders from the Paleogene of Denmark with a review of the fossil record and evolution of semiaquatic bugs (Hemiptera, Gerromorpha) / by Nils Møller Andersen 1998 50
The enchytraeid fauna of the Palearctic tundra (Oligochaeta, Enchytraeidae) / by Bent Christensen and Klara Dozsa-Farkas 1999 52
External morphology and larval development of Derocheilocaris remanei Delamare-Deboutteville & Chappuis, 1951 (Crustacea, Mystacocarida), with a comparison of crustacean segmentation and tagmosis patterns / by Jørgen Olesen 2000 53
Biodiversity research in the Horn of Africa region : proceeding of the Third International Symposium on the Flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea at the Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen, August 25-27, 1999 / ed. by Ib Friis and Olof Ryding 2001 54
Poly-unsaturated fatty acids : neutral function & mental health ; proceedings of an international and interdisciplinary symposium. The Royal Danish Academy of Sciencesand Letters, August 9, 2007 / ed. by Ole G. Mouritsen ... 2007 56
The Arabic plant names of Peter Forsskål's Flora Aegyptiaco-Arabica / by Philippe Provençal 2010 57
Atlas of the potential vegetation of Ethiopia / by Ib Friis ; Sebsebe Demissew and Paulo van Breugel 2010 58