Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters

The building on H.C. Andersens Boulevard The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters ( or ''Videnskabernes Selskab'') is a Danish academy of science. The Royal Danish Academy was established on November 13, 1742, and was created with the purpose of strengthening the position of Science in Denmark as well as promoting interdisciplinary understanding.

The Royal Danish Academy works as a body of cooperation and a meeting place for prominent scientists from all areas of basic scientific research. Its core activities consist of organizing the biweekly meetings for the academy's members, publishing scientific works, advising, and communicating, organizing and conducting events and lectures of a scientific character (e.g. public lectures and symposiums) as well as participating in international cooperation with other scientific academies and with scientific organizations like for example ISC and EASAC.

Since 1745, the Royal Danish Academy has had its own publishing company that is still, to this day, publishing scientific books, currently via four different series, all under the main title of ''Scientia Danica.'' A year after the publication of a scientific work, the publication is made available on the [ Publication Platform] of the Royal Academy.

The Royal Danish Academy also administers several foundations and grants that provide financial support for different scientific work, e.g. research stays outside of Denmark.

Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is the Protector of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.

In 2011, the Royal Danish Academy established the Young Academy (Danish: Det Unge Akademi or “DUA”) which acts as a scientific forum for excellent young researchers. Provided by Wikipedia
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