Otto Pöggeler

Otto Pöggeler (12 December 1928 in Attendorn – 10 December 2014) was a German philosopher. He specialized in phenomenology and commenting on Heidegger. In 1963 he authored the acclaimed ''Martin Heidegger’s Path of Thinking'', one of the first rigorous attempts at tracing the development of Heidegger's thought. He also published a study of poetry of Paul Celan, and was director of the Hegel-Archiv at the Ruhr University in Bochum. Provided by Wikipedia
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Participants: Pöggeler, Otto, [ VerfasserIn ]
Published: 2007.
Superior document: Nordrhein-Westfälische Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Künste - Vorträge: Geisteswissenschaften ; 410

Participants: Hsiao, Paul Shih-yi, [ MitwirkendeR, MitwirkendeR ]; Jung, Hwa Yol, [ MitwirkendeR, MitwirkendeR ]; Jung, Hwa Yol, [ MitwirkendeR ]; Kotoh, Tetsuaki, [ MitwirkendeR, MitwirkendeR ]; Kotoh, Tetsuaki, [ MitwirkendeR ]; ...
Published: [2022]
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