Craig Calhoun

Calhoun at the [[British Library of Political and Economic Science|London School of Economics Library]] Craig Jackson Calhoun (born 1952) is an American sociologist who currently serves as the University Professor of Social Sciences at Arizona State University. He is a strong advocate for applying social science to address issues of public concerns. Calhoun served as the Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) from September 2012 until September 2016 and continues to hold the title of Centennial Professor of Sociology at LSE.

Before this tenure at LSE, Calhoun led the Social Science Research Council, and held the position of University Professor of the Social Sciences at New York University (NYU). He was also the Director of NYU's Institute for Public Knowledge. After LSE, he became the first president of the Berggruen Institute, where he now serves as a senior advisor to the Berggruen Prize. Provided by Wikipedia
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Participants: Calhoun, Craig J. 1952- [ MitwirkendeR ]
Published: 2012
Other Authors: ...Calhoun, Craig J. 1952-...