Morten Axboe

Morten Axboe (born 1946) is a Danish archaeologist and till 30.4.2019 a curator at the National Museum of Denmark, notable for his study of bracteates. Axboe is also known for theorizing a connection between finds of 6th century Scandinavian gold hoards and the extreme weather events of 535–536, as a reaction to the 'dying' sun and the fimbulwinter-like climate of those years. Gold may have been buried, he suggested, as sacrifices intended to appease the gods.

Axboe has also published on the manufacture of the Torslunda plates and the making of Migration Period chip-carving ornament.

In 2007 he obtained his DPhil with his dissertation ''Brakteatstudier'' (Studies in Gold Bracteates). Like many of his papers, this book is accessible on Provided by Wikipedia
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