Gerd Althoff

Werner Maleczek Gerd Althoff (born 9 July 1943) is a German historian of the Early and High Middle Ages. He presents himself (in words used as part of the title of one of his many books) as a researcher into the "political rules of the game" in the Middle Ages. He has held professorships at Münster (1986–1990 and 1997–2011), Gießen (1990–1995) and Bonn (1995–1997).

The fruits of Althoff's pioneering research on the Ottonian period have been enriched by collaboration with his fellow medievalist at Münster, Hagen Keller. Together they have, in the eyes of admirers, significantly raised the status of the University of Münster as a centre for the study of medieval history. Althoff's own research on the operation of medieval statehood, medieval forms of public communication, the connections binding different groups together and the means of conflict resolution applied, have since the 1980s exercised a significant influence on German and international "Mediävistics" and driven important re-evaluations of Early and High Medieval kingship. Provided by Wikipedia
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