Do, 18.04.2024 9:00

Conference: Iconographies of the Holocaust

Visual Representations and Migrating Materialities of War and Genocide since 1945

All sessions will be held at the Watson Institute, Brown University, Providence, US.

Co-organized by Ljiljana Radonić (IKT, Austrian Academy of Sciences) in cooperation with Brown University and the University of London

Keynote speakers: James Young (University of Massachusetts Amherst) and Carol Gluck (Columbia University)

How have early practices of the Holocaust’s visual representation and its artifacts migrated to museums and commemorative spaces devoted to the mass murder of the Jews and other genocides, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, over time and space? How has the case of Jewish persecution and its postwar investigations been translated and remediated in a rangeofmuseums throughout the world? This conference will explore such questions by gathering scholars engaged in new research on the immediate aftermath of the World War II and on more recent forms of representation of genocide and related crimes.

All members of the IKT-based ERC project Globalized Memorial Museums will participate in the conference.

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