Future trends now for everyone

More than 100 current technology and society topics are now available online on the new parliamentary platform, easily accessible and graphically presented.

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A look at future trends from the perspective of technology assessment (Image: unsplash.com)

In cooperation with the AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology), we have already selected and described more than 100 exciting future trends for our parliamentarians. Topics about current technology and how it affects society include artificial intelligence in healthcare, the future of battery disposal and light pollution. The topic 5G and health even became a detailed study (info here).

The Parliament has just launched the platform Fachinfos zu aktuellen Parlamentsthemen (German only), where these topics, but also, for example, short articles on budget analyses and democracy research, are easily accessible to all. 

Easy to understand and barrier-free

With this new portal, science and the parliamentary directorate want to convey content in an easily understandable way. All topics are presented graphically and described only briefly and concisely with text. However, these so-called infograms have an additional advantage: they are barrier-free. Each graphic element is accompanied by a descriptive text. Thus also picture lecture devices or Braille lines for visually impaired persons can display the information. For those who want to go into more depth, there is a download link to the respective short report of the topic.

The monitoring report for the Austrian parliament is published twice a year. The next one will already be available at the beginning of June.


Link: Monitoring von Zukunftsthemen
on the new platform: Fachinfos zu aktuellen Parlamentsthemen (Geman only)