Relaunch of the Austrian Portal for Nanotechnology


The Nanoinformation Platform (NIP) of the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection is an important Austrian portal for nanotechnology, providing expert information for the interested public. This year (2022) it has been updated and relaunched! Various working groups, including the NanoTrust team, regularly provide content contributions for the different topics: Fundamentals, Health, Applications, Environment, Working Environment, Science, Regulations, Advanced Materials, News. Anna Pavlicek conducts research at the ITA of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in the field of nanotechnologies and still sees great importance in good networking and dissemination of this topic area: "Nanomaterials or so-called advanced materials are being used in more and more areas, although there are still concerns about their safety. It is therefore important to make basic information and further links around the research field "Nano" also available to the public, as well as to offer a platform for queries."

Link to the platform