Covid-19 Live Discussion

At the Joint Academy Day on 18 March, Astrid Mager from ITA will discuss the social, political and economic impact of the current pandemic with members of the Royal Society of Canada. A total of 6 panels will center on climate change, biodiversity and other topics.

Will Covid-19 become a catalyst for a more resilient economy? How can we preserve biodiversity in the Alpine region and the Arctic? And what measures can help to deal with climate change and its consequences? Urgent challenges that are currently moving the world on both sides of the Atlantic will be discussed on 18 March at a "Joint Academy Day" by researchers from the Royal Society of Canada and the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Together with the panel chaired by Sylvia Knapp and the audience, ITA technology researcher and sociologist Astrid Mager, most recently co-author of a study on disadvantages caused by the AMS algorithm for job seekers, will discuss questions around the impact of the Corona pandemic. How can we find a balance between civil rights and health measures? Can technical tools such as contact tracing apps make a significant contribution?

After introductory remarks by ÖAW President Anton Zeilinger and Jeremy McNeil, President of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC), representatives of the Canadian Academy of Science will exchange views with their Austrian colleagues in a total of six panels. For example, different positions on multicultural citizenship will be presented, current threats to the freedom of research will be examined and arctic and alpine environmental changes will be analysed.