Advanced Materials – possibilities and risks

Video: At the 12th NanoTrust conference 27 experts discussed how risks and uncertainties can be addressed in the context of new or modified materials with unique or improved functionalities.

Video: Statements by four experts, © ITA

Plastic packaging that makes food more durable and textiles that affect the body are only two of many examples of such advanced materials. Useful “innovative materials” are being developed and brought to market, while the safety of human health and the environment must be guaranteed. At the 12thNanoTrust conference on the 10th of March in Vienna, experts explored this issue and discussed necessary steps for research, industry and authorities.



In the video, four insiders give a brief outlook on what to expect and how to address advanced materials.

The video is in German language without subtitles.


More information about the event (German)

12. Nanotrust-Tagung "Reden wir über Advanced Materials"