Isabella Buber-Ennser

Research Group: Demography of Austria

Phone: +43 1 51581 - 7726

E-Mail: isabella.buber(at)

Selected Publications:

  • Brzozowska Z., Buber-Ennser I. & Riederer B. (2021). Didn’t Plan One but got One: Unintended and sooner-than-intended parents in the East and the West of Europe. European Journal Of Population, 37, 727-767.
  • Buber-Ennser I., Berghammer C., Fent T., Gisser R., Riederer B., Sobotka T. & Zeman K. (2021). Demografische Entwicklung und derzeitiger Stand der Familienformen, 6. Österreichischer Familienbericht. In 6. Österreichischer Familienbericht (pp. 65-143). Wien.
  • Georges D., Buber-Ennser I., Rengs B., Kohlenberger J. & Doblhammer G. (2021). Health determinants among refugees in Austria and Germany: A propensity-matched comparative study from Syrian, Afghan and Iraqi refugees. Plos One, 16, e0250821.
  • Buber-Ennser I. & Berghammer C. (2021). Religiosity and the realisation of fertility intentions: A comparative study of eight European countries. Population Space And Place, 27, e2433.
  • Riederer B. & Buber-Ennser I. (2021). Familie in der Stadt und am Land: Zur Bedeutung des regionalen Kontextes für die Realisierung des Kinderwunsches in Österreich. Österreichische Zeitschrift Für Soziologie, 46, 69-91.

Areas of Expertise

  • Fertility in Austria
  • Fertility intentions and realisation
  • Fertility of highly educated women
  • Forced migration
  • Human capital of asylum seekers
  • Social surveys among displaced persons
  • Panel attrition
  • Intergenerational transfers