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Yoga philosophy of Patañjali

Containing his yoga aphorisms with Vyāsa's commentary in Sanskrit and a translation with annotations including many suggestions for the practice of yoga

VerfasserIn:Patañjali, Philosoph  
ÜbersetzerIn:Mukerji, Paresh Nath,  
Mukerji, Paresh Nath,  
MitwirkendeR:Hariharānanda Āraṇya, Svāmī  
Year of Publication: 1983
Publisher: State University of New York Press (Albany)
Language: Sanskrit
Classification: 181.45
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Patañjali, Philosoph
Yoga Geschichte 300-400
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Additional details of publication

Further titles: Yoga philosophy
Publication Type: Monographic, Printed
Physical Description: xxiv, 483 Seiten
ISBN: 0873957288