Pvrchas His Pilgrimes : In Five Bookes

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Place / Publishing House:London : Printed by William Stansby, for Henrie Fetherstone, 1625
Year of Publication:1625
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Pvrchas His Pilgrimes : In Five Bookes / The first, Contayning the Voyages and Peregrinations made by ancient Kings, Patriarkes, Apostles, Philosophers, and others, to and thorow the remoter parts of the knowne World: Enquiries also of Languages and Religious, especially of the moderne diuersified Professions of Christianitie : The second, A Description of all the Circum-Nauigations of the Globe : The third, Nauigations and Voyages of English-men, alongst the Coasts of Africa, to the Cape of Good Hope, and from thence to the Red Sea, Abassine, Arabian, Persian, Indian, Shoares, Continents, and Ilands : The fourth, English Voyages beyond the East Indies, to the Islands of Iapan, China, Cauchinchina, the Philippine with others, and the Indian Nauigations further Prosecuted : Their iust Commerce, nobly vindicated against Turkish Treacherie; victoriously defended against Portugall Hostilitie; gloriously aduanced against Moorish and Ethnike Perfidie; hopefully recouering from Dutch Malignitie; iustly maintayned against ignorant and malicious Calumnie : The fifth, Nauigations, Voyages, Traffiques, Discoueries, of the English Nation in the Easterne parts of the World: continuing the English-Indian occurrents, and contayning the English Affaires with the Great Samorine, in the Persians and Arabian Gulfes, and in other places of the Continent, and Ilands of and beyond the Indies: the Portugall Attempts, and Dutch Disasters, diuers Sea-fights with both; and many other remarkable Relations : The First Part 1625 1
Pvrchas His Pilgrimes : In Five Bookes / The sixth, Contayning Nauigations, Voyages, and Land-Discoueries, with other Historicall Relations of Africa : The seventh, Nauigations, Uoyages, and Discoueries of the Sea-Coasts and In-land Regions of Africa, which is generally called Æthiopia: by English-men, and others : The eighth, Peregrinations and Trauels by land in Palestina, Natolia, Syria, Arabia, Persia; and other parts of Asia : The ninth, Peregrinations, and Discoueries by Land, of Assyria, Armenia, Persia, India, Arabia, and other In-land Countries of Asia, by English-men and others; Moderne and Ancient : The tenth, Præteritorium, or Dicoueries of the World, specially such as in other Bookes are omitted : The Second Part 1625 2
Pvrchas His Pilgrimes : In Five Bookes / The first, Containing Peregrinations and Discoueries, in the remotest North and East parts of Asia, called Tartaria and China : The second, Peregrinations, Uoyages, Discoueries, of China, Tartaria, Rvssia, and other the North and East parts of the World, by English-men and others : The third, Voyages and Discoueries of the North parts of the World, by Land and Sea, in Asia, Evrope; the Polare Regions, and in the North-west of America : The fourth, English Northerne Nauigations, and Discoueries: Relations of Greenland, Groenland, the North-west passage, and other Arctike Regions, with later Rvssian Occvrents : The fifth, Voyages and Trauels to and in the New World, called America: Relations of their Pagan Antiquities and of the Regions and Plantations in the North and South parts thereof, and of the Seas and Ilands adiacent : The Third Part 1625 3
Pvrchas His Pilgrimes : In Five Bookes / The sixth, Contayning English Voyages, to the East, West, and South parts of America: Many Sea and Land Fights, Inuasions and Uictories against the Spaniards in those parts, and the Spanish Ilands, and Coast Townes on this side; Plantations in Guiana and many strange aduentures of English-men amongst the Americans : The seuenth, Voyages to and about the Southerne America, with many Marine Obseruations and Discoueries of those Seas and Lands, by English-men and others : The eighth, Voyages to and Land-Trauels in Florida, Virginia, and other parts of the Notherne America, French Plantings, Spanish Supplatings; English-Virginian voyages, and to the Island Azores : The ninth, English Plantations, Discoueries, Acts, and Occurrents, in Virginia and Summer Ilands, since the Yeere 1606. till 1624 : The tenth, English Discoueries and Plantations in New England, New-found-land; with the Patent and Voyuges to New Scotland: Relations also of the Fleets setforth by Queen Elizabeth against the Spaniards : The Fourth Part 1625 4
Pvrchas his Pilgrimage : Or Relations Of The World And The Religions Obserued in all Ages and places Discouered, from the Creation unto this Present : Contayning A Theologicall And Geographicall Histoire of Asia, Africa, and America, with the Ilands adiacent : Declaring the ancient Religions before the Flovd, the Heathenish, Iewish, and Saracenicall in all Ages since, in those parts professed, with their seuerall opinions, Idols, Oracles, Temples, Priests, Fasts, Feasts, Sacrifices, and Rites Religious: Their beginnings, Proceedings, Alterations, Sects, Orders and Svccessions : VVith briefe Descriptions of the Countries, Nations, States, Discoueries; Priuate and publike Customes, and the most remarkable Rarities of Natvre, or Humane industrie, in the same / The fourth Edition, much enlarged with Additions, and illustrated with Mappes through the whole Worke; And three whole Treatises annexed, One of Russia and other Northeasterne Regions by Sr. Ierome Horsey; The second of the Gulfe of Bengala by Master William Methold; The third of the Saracenicall Empire, Translated out of Arabike by T. Erpenivs ; By Samvel Pvrchas, Parson of St. Martins by Ludgate, London 1626 T 5