Proceedings of the First BRITE Workshop : Vienna, May 22 & 23, 2007 / ed. by Konstanze Zwintz ...

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Superior document:Communications in asteroseismology 152
Place / Publishing House:Vienna : Austrian Acad. of Sciences Press, 2008
Year of Publication:2008
Series:Communications in asteroseismology 152
Contents/pieces:24 records
Physical Description:186 S.; Ill., zahlr. graph. Darst.; 23 cm
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BRITE-Austria/TUG Sat1: launch opportunities / B. Josseck 2008
Exploring solar-type pulsation with BRITE / T. Kallinger 2008
CP stars - probing stellar surface structure with BRITE Constellation / T. Lüftinger, W. W. Weiss 2008
BRITE-Constellation: simulation of photometric performance / A. Kaiser, S. Mochnacki, W. W. Weiss 2008
Observing gamma Doradus stars with BRITE : an outlook / M. Gruberbauer, R. Neuteufel, W. W. Weiss 2008
BRITE-Constellation: input catalogue / A. Kaiser, K. Zwintz, W. W. Weiss 2008
The BRITE satellite and delta Scuti stars : magnificent seven / M. Breger 2008
BRITE orbits - visiblity and feature plots / C. Lhotka, B. Funk 2008
BRITE-Constellation: science operations concept / R. Kuschnig 2008
The search for extrasolar planets with BRITE / R. Dvorak, Á.Bazso 2008
BRITE-Constellation: observation planning / A. Kaiser, R. Kuschnig 2008
Beta Pictoris: planets and pulsations / K. Zwintz 2008
BRITE-Austria/TUG Sat1 : project overview / O. Koudelka 2008
Beta Cephei and slowly pulsating B stars as targets for BRITE-Constellation / G. Handler 2008
BRITE-Constellation: astrophysical concept / W. Weiss 2008
Cluster and association members / E. Paunzen 2008
Theoretical aspects of massive stars / E. A. Dorfi, A. Stökl 2008
BRITE stars on the AGB / T. Lebzelter, J. Hron 2008
Stellar activity with BRITE: the "Aurigae" field / K. G. Strassmeier 2008
A MOST open-field data reduction software and its applications to BRITE / D. Huber, P. Reegen 2008
From MOST to BRITE: with a stopover at CanX-2 / C. Grant, R. Zee 2008
BRITE-Austria/TUG Sat1: ground station technology / O. Koudelka 2008
BRITE-Austria/TUG Sat1: system design and simulation results / M. Unterberger 2008
Identifying pulsation modes from two-passband photometry / J. Daszyńska-Daszkiewicz 2008